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Though I may be wordless
my heart
is screaming,
a thousand voices
lead a chorus of sentence fragments,
of broken language,
of the very heart itself
is cracking and torn.

I am lying here
draped in the blanket
once slept beneath,
by remnants of your hair --
the lingering scent
of your body
infects me and
I cannot
hold back the emotion
welling in my chest.

is a sense of confusion,
a sense of loss,
and I
am left here
sorting through the pieces
that will never
fit back together
in any shape
resembling knowledge,
resembling truth.

As strongly
as I can feel your heart beating
in my mind,
beneath my very ribs,
I can sense
the deluge of love
that you
are holding inside of you
with your lips
sealed like a dam I am striving
to fracture
so that you may awaken,
so that the light
might return to your beautiful eyes
and I could find
the love of my life
still alive
inside of the numb figure
standing in her stead.

I won't stop,
and I will not surrender
because I know,
I know it all throughout me,
that you
are meant to be with me
and that I
was cut into life
with only you in mind...
we are destined
and I believe,
I know,
that you still feel everything
how hard you are working
to feel

I won't quit on you,
I can't,
I love you too much.
I will never stop fighting for you, but I need for you to fight for me too.  Throw back the darkness, come back to the place you know you have always wanted to be.... Listen to me read it...
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TheHopeNeverDies Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful, I absolutely love your poem!
BlazingFireBug Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm sure that if she has a sensitive soul at all, and she takes the time to not only just read this, but to feel it, it will reach her. It will open her eyes. It will reach out and touch her.

This is a truly beautiful piece. I love the emotion that abides in this poem. I love the word choice. It all fits together in perfect harmony. I love the rhythm to it. It flows very nicely. It's one of those reads that just draws you in, and when it's over, you're all like, "ahhh.... I want more" but you're at the same time like this, "wow! that's such a satisfying story". :D

I also listened to you reading it. :D You did a very good job at that, it's amazing. It gave me goosebumps... and that's a good thing. I don't know if you're up for any advice... but if you are, I would like to say one thing that I would have you do differently. When you're reading it on recording, try to put a bit more emotion into it. That would make it phenomenal! Not only would I get goosebumps, but I'd probably end up tearing up too.

I wish you all the best when it comes to your woman. I hope with all my heart that you two find each other the way you want to so hungrily. :)
FoolSightBlind Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
don't know how /who it reaches, although i wish you good things with that, but it's a great written release of inner sadness and hope :hug:
dreamsinstatic Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
Thank you.
FoolSightBlind Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
No problem
VertigoArt Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Professional Writer
The pacing is wonderful. I am never completely happy so I would change a thing or to, but that is part my god complex and part my need for perfection in an imperfect world.

The way you conveyed your message should open the eyes of anyone who takes a moment to actually read it (unless it is my wife who is a cold ... yeah).

Keep writing and keep creating.
dreamsinstatic Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Thank you.  Hopefully it will find the eyes of the woman I wrote it about.
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