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February 24, 2012
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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic
Friday Night Features
Volume XXXVI

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Infinity                             It                                            begins:
                   Infinite   minds,                             each         carrying
             infinite               thoughts,            forever                producing
       infinite                               ideas,   that will                           eventually
:thumb286836137: ObsoleteFind yourself in your depth
The entity without wants and needs
That has no desire to change
But makes no effort to persist
Stop clinging to time
As without past there is no burden
Without visions of the future
Synthetic restrictions evaporate
And there is nothing to control you
Nothing to blur your pure existence
When you are truly yourself
You cannot become anything else
And there is no reason to doubt
For to comprehend the uncensored world
Takes up all your being
And makes all your questions

things i've earned         i.      they let me crawl out
of my overturned vehicle myself,
watching only to haul me
onto a stretcher. the newspaper
marks me "extricated".
          ii.     the woman working as cashier
at the chinese take-out place pauses
mid-order, her eyes scavenging my face
with appraisal.
"you are very beautiful," she says.
          iii.    his coach told him
he couldn't have a girlfriend
because she would never understand
why the only thing he had time for
was practice.
          iv.   i wear labels like purple hearts:
by matter of possession,
they mark terror i am supposed
to be proud of.
:thumb286772605: Open BookOpen Book
If I were open,
I would be another vulnerable lost cause.
If I were to give away my trust,
I would be just another wisp of a human…forced to carry out meaningless lies.
If I were to love,
I would be shattered the next day.
But I am not open.
I am sheltered, well-guarded and composed, yes! But…
If I were to crawl into the open I would be attacked.
Rumors! Heartbreak! I have learned from it all and refuse to be caught by it again!!!
Nothing but an innocent soul not long ago until I was spat upon.
They call me a vixen. They are not wrong.
Suppose a chance would arise…of trust. Of love. Of happiness?
Would I snatch it back to me, and have it torn from my hands again?
Waste more of the simplicity of water, cry myself to dehydration again!?
Or would he perhaps say…I was…beautiful?
I am not beautiful.
I am not lovely.
I am a joke. A deception to life. If only I could deceive fate…
May love come? A laugh will come soon after.
Nothing is a f

the desk chairlittle backwards
torrential heart-rain
you fell into me, lord,
you fell onto me and my long-fingered last-ditch chance at succession
the matte plastic face i'd been keeping for just this moment held,
held less a few cracks around the edges and eyebrows
a carelessly dropped spoon
From the WeathermanWho knew the night could burn so hot and long
Even when the stars look as if they could be
Cool pools of balm for the burn
When a sweet breath is insufficient
Even if it were to be yours.
The morning feels as if it were
A conspirator in my dreams that soon fog
To the sound of the weatherman on channel 7
Telling me it will snow in a place
I've never been through, even in my dreams.
She's Brokeni.
she is an ink-stained poet of seventeen,
whose bruises take the shape of africa
or thailand or italy,
and the ones that don't look like anything
she presses on until the blood pools up
and blackens the map of her skin.
she wanders from
one filament of conscious thought
to the other,
sailing through time and space
as though it were a vast ocean
just for her.
sometimes she sits before the sea.
"who am i?"
she screams to the waves
that drag her under
and fill her mouth
small, wet sand.
she finds beauty in
wine glasses and
cigarette butts.
roman numerals were never her friends.
she preferred to count on
snails and shipwrecks
and the lonely blue flowers
that speckled the grey of her eyes.
four letters she never wanted to believe in
but always did.
she doesn't know if she'll end up
marrying a boy
or a girl
or just loving everybody
because everybody deserves
to be loved.
maybe she'll just die
because gods are immortal
and she doesn't

PulseWhen I'm inside you,
You speak in tongues--
A lilting foreign language,
Litany of vowels.
They rise and fall
In dialectic crescendoes,
Dynamics of your pleasure.
Silence, when your breath catches
And holds--
Head twisted to your right,
Eyes closed--
And your collarbones flush burgundy.
I stop moving as your breath resumes,
Your heart still pounding.
I stay inside you
And feel your pulse.
Butter-yellow mists converge, merge to margarine in the spinning spokes of skyline. Stormy inks dribble down the canvas, the stresses and bumps of acrylic experiments gone awry. In this sullied heaven, they see a limbo called Hell drawing together the equilibrium of the Netherworld. Krakatoa's last ashes prop up the snow egg, blighted by the treasure map scrawl of the letter 'X'. Its etching has sandy origins, from the moment the Pirate God lurched out of his treasure chest and rode on the whale to prosperity. Long confined by humankind's swashbuckling stereotypes, the Pirate God lashes out, slashing with his fibrous cutlass to open up Martian soil. Or perhaps, belonging today on a ravaged Earth, it is a sea of lava, drawn from the inner core of this planet. The Pirate God has overseen this without regret.
The Black Sea, however, looms. Dislocated from Earth's Divergence, it haunts the new Convergence with hull-like hollowness. The jawlines of whales precipitate neon luminescenc
Fragments of You and MeI
fell in love with a stranger´s laugh
in the kitchen, Monday afternoon
He forgot his front door keys here and
concluded he had to stay for a while, so sorry
I said, if I find it I´ll throw it in the lake
locked us in the paradise garden
painted flowers on my body
and let the starlight breathe life into them
counted the times my heart skipped a beat when you called my name
stopped counting when my brain didn´t work anymore
- why did my heart still work
said you´d buy me a respirator
so you can kiss me until we can´t breathe anymore
and don´t have to fear you´d kill me
appeared in your thoughts
like a summer storm
Maybe she dived in the lake
And when you called her name
I could feel your heart skip a beat
My blood froze
My face faded to black
It took such a long time until you noticed
That my trust breathed its last
with your absent-minded smile
forgot the respirator
left you Monday morning
like wome


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