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October 28, 2011
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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic
Friday Night Features
Volume XX

Welcome to the twentieth release of Friday Night
Features.  deviantART is flush with amazing talents and it is nearly
impossible to keep up with all of the fine work pouring in on a daily
basis. Each week Friday Night Features includes a cross section of some
of my (and your) favorite images and pieces of literature.

:thumb265719498: Shhh...Whispering sweet little lies
along the narrow pathways of my heart
I caught the lurking shadows
behind your large city eyes.
And with barbwire fingers,
You stroked all my pretty  s c a r s.
[Don't say a word.]
BoxesLetters into boxes
But faces into memories
My passion
Your compassion
Two files to twenty erosions
We scrape off our paper plates
Good night – dead evening
Stalemates in our garage
Taillights running down my nose
In an unforgiving twilight
We go out one way
Only to turn our knees into
Two-bit kicks for a satellite
To record our damaged spirits
I have seen planets within you
Have you?
These are our merriments
Without you, this earth
Is nothing more
Than a moth in my eye
:thumb264949516::thumb265540933: CentauriI want your kisses on my neck
     like angry lightning
and your fingertips stinging
          every curve of my torso--
I want your lips kneading
          silken heat into my collarbone
     and your palms exploring
the highways and alleys of me--
because darling
     your eyes are so lonely
and your scowls
          only tempt me
into aiming kisses unto your lips
               til you smile;
you know you're
                    a star, love-
but you smother your light
     with self-deprecation
          and you

:thumb192689159: Auto focus failureGrains on screens,
Blur your smile,
And I squint to see,
The glint in your eye,
You're the sugar baby,
Who floats round my room,
Mocking me, and catching
My breath as I search for you,
Behind cupboards, under chairs,
I yearn for your voice,
all soft and light and
I cast my heart in plaster,
And painted it gold and blue,
Just cause, it reminds me of
You, and your tinny laugh,
As time passed,
Other girls graced my scene,
I stopped thinking of you,
And your black and blue lies,
I forgot how to focus,
And how to smile,
So just you and me,
Lets smile for a while

Hey now Annie Girl,
Don't you cry,
Cause baby,
We all live to die.
FeignedFrantic bliss calms my fear
Sentiments rise from here
As the escapism strokes us
Tenderness goes up a gear
Hush sorrow sweeps our feet
Compliments echo in my heartbeat
As the capsule protects us
Hardened skies soak up my dreams
Electric cramps shrill your eyes
Focalized love strips and denies
As the design provokes us
Lament beings call up the ties
Savvy lovers entice my mind
Compassion abandoned this time
As the flame fools us
Pride shows up in my spine
Frantic bliss feigned from fear
Sentiments lean away here
As the realism strikes us
Callousness goes up a gear

The scalpel of paindisgusted with its appearance
she succumbed to surgery
for a better life
for be noticed
to be loved
the operation is finished
she became very beautiful
a sexy girl
with beautiful forms
This is his new look
but in the mirror
She was always the same
in a modified body
She dared not look
:thumb265069437: skins.Your skin once told me secrets,
and sang me songs of love at night,
it told me of need and longing,
of missing and wanting and being
Your skin would wrap itself around me,
and kiss me gently, or with passion,
while it told stories and sang lullabies,
about forever and ever and ever
and anything beyond that.
Your skin would set me on fire when
I was freezing, or cool me down when
I was hot.
It would calm me when I cried and
hold me through the night
and whisper in my ear about
the beauty that we were.
When your skin now meets mine
it tells no more secrets, it sings no more
songs. It won't kiss me nor hold me
nor calm me nor cool me nor warm me
and it already has forgotten about
the beauty that we were.

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Weekly Friday Night feature of literature, photography and artwork.
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Nassima-Amir Jan 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much for your feature...
dreamsinstatic Jan 3, 2012  Professional Writer
You're welcome.
thanks a bunch!
dreamsinstatic Nov 8, 2011  Professional Writer
You're welcome.
FlexDreams Nov 2, 2011  Professional Photographer
dreamsinstatic Nov 3, 2011  Professional Writer
MiikaC Oct 30, 2011   Writer
Thank you!! This really is an honour! I'm glad that you enjoyed my work to put it here with the other wonderful featurettes! xD
dreamsinstatic Oct 31, 2011  Professional Writer
It was my pleasure.
halcyonshores Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent selections yet again. :nod:
BerkDuygunArts Oct 29, 2011  Professional Photographer
Thank you! :ahoy:
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