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Submitted on
August 19, 2011


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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic
Friday Night Features
Volume X

Welcome to the tenth release of Friday Night Features.  deviantART is flush with amazing talents and it is nearly impossible to keep up with all of the fine work pouring in on a daily basis. Each week Friday Night Features includes a cross section of some of my (and your) favorite images and pieces of literature.

:thumb253859413: Plexiglass Sunrisesfalling like dead leaves
in august's cool wind, i watch,
relieved, as clouds sweep
early-morning sunlight through
deserted, lonely windows.
Bus Stopher hand felt a mixture of old and new
tiny and overflowing
as time seemed to escape wistfully
walking hand in hand
my fingers wrapped gingerly around hers
my soul smiling
my heart aching
proud parent
of a girl growing up too fast
Stitches of ApprovalStitch, sew, suture.
How meticulous I am in my work.
My new skin attached,
The quintessential “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
My identity claimed,
As well as the acceptance of my viewers.
They turn their face upon me in adoration,
And beg me to perform for them.
I raise my arms and dance to the beat of their praise,
My value and self-worth attained.
Stitches rip and skin cracks,
My falsehood revealed.
An identity short-lived as it sloughs from my body,
My audience disperses and I’m left standing.
The limelight fades,
And I am yet again cast aside.
My price diminished,
Who will have me now?
Whispers and tearsSun is going to sleep under the river,
Dusk smells just like hay and honey,
I will go ahead, I will go far away from here,
Behind the last birch forest.
I will go ahead, I will go into the meadow,
Painted by gold and purple,
I will confide to willows about our separation,
Because willows believe whispers and tears.
I'm crying, I'm longing for You,
With me are crying dewdrops and fogs,
In silence I'm hiding myself with those words,
That You could only understand.
I will go ahead, I will go into the meadow,
Painted by gold and purple,
I will confide to willows about our separation,
Because willows believe whispers and tears.
Heart Shape PetalsThe broken flower travels
From the green abyss to the corners of my eyes
Sits there, waits the heart shape petals
Your angel suffers, a dying bird on my cheek
On my palms he drew the map
Don't follow me , he said, my heart is your light
When the sun comes up again, throw the ashes
Where the broken flower lives, as it lives no more
Where words dance, each in a different dress
Take my heart from the book of prayers
And let the river of sadness pours into my eyes
Thank you for your love, my last miracles
Thank you for your love, where God's secret lies

Old TricksYour lonely collarbone
                   whispers of destruction,
and flowery obituaries.
it sings of has been stories, and—
remember whens.
                     But, only when I
                     dare open my eyes.
You weren't the pixie goddess
I painted with pretty words.
                     You were hard life pains,
                     and those nasty little pleasures
[ we never dared to talk about. ]
But, I'll save you the trouble
of a halfhearted denial&
Lasti would forget
entire languages
for a chance to watch your
templeveins pulse
for a thousand
and i
stretch my
venomous tongue
over my teeth and
into the sink, scraping
and cutting out
every accent and
soft syllable left in me.
i would
reach through my lungs
and rip away saturn
from my melting heart
just to scale
the tallest walls of turin
and feel your fingertips
brush my bruised,
forgetful lips
one last time.
urban nightlife.Within streets bound by night-claws,
Sunflares ascend upon the bricks.
Past shattered glass and crumpled cars,
Goblins gather about the road.
Screeching and whooping, they run -
Charging towards broken windows,
Grabbing what treasure they can.
Glittering shards lie on the ground.
Armoured and armed, an army
Impedes their escape. Men have come
To detain the fiendish free:
They attack, with weapons in hand.
The rogues flee the charging force:
Swift in their movement, running from
Rapid sprays. Thrown to the floor -
They retreat to untouched soil.
The air, shot with angry cries
Through broken glass, with pickings slim.
They throw flaming drink inside;
The site is soon bright and ablaze.
None can tame the raging flames.
They only watch wood char - crumbling
Charcoal is consumed and razed
To the hard and unfeeling ground.
Scattered long before sunrise,
Prisoners are all that remain;
Dawn betrays the awful shame
Of cities in ashes and lime.
:thumb200081182: PrisonerThe light is low,
the amber chandelier is shattered
casting dancing shadows on the wall
my only friends.
Through the barred window
I see the charcoal night;
that one star blinks at me
hoping, waiting,
to one day explode
a giant ball of golden glitter
showering me with happiness.
The damp stones,
feel cool upon my tear-stained face
all is silent.
Your broken mirror lies on the ground
reflecting memories,
shafts of gold bleeding on my hand
so elegant, and graceful
yet guilty of so much.
The wind whispers ideas of how to escape
but it's impossible
we are forever held captive,
left behind with only frays of memories.
We are all stars
hoping, waiting
revolving around this life
we are given to live.

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gHopson Aug 25, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the feature!
dreamsinstatic Aug 25, 2011  Professional Writer
My pleasure.
RoxasWannabe Aug 21, 2011  Student Writer
Hey! Thanks for the feature! I'm glad you enjoy my work. :)
dreamsinstatic Aug 21, 2011  Professional Writer
My pleasure.
kaosalive Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for including my photo :D
dreamsinstatic Aug 20, 2011  Professional Writer
Absolutely my pleasure.
Lychalis Aug 20, 2011  Student Writer
thank you! :D
dreamsinstatic Aug 20, 2011  Professional Writer
You're very welcome.
FuzzyHoser Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice feature ya got here... (:
dreamsinstatic Aug 20, 2011  Professional Writer
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