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January 25, 2013
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Year II - Issue XXXI
Friday Night Features is a weekly feature designed to showcase
a cross section of the most striking, entertaining and powerful
literature, photography and artwork on deviantART.
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Anglo-Saxon BoastI. Here be I, a matted strife-child contemplating vacuous desks                
Partaker in nocturnal cuckold car rides to second base                          
Charmer of a mirror in corduroy clothing, noir with ambiguous omen-laughter
He who scans over the raging epoch of his ancestors’ psycho-cycles              
On a velvet chaise-lounge away its mahogany room, cushion muted with  New Sodom’s luxury-joy
II. I seek to capture my generation in a glass jar and conclude                        
upon its luminescent entropy;                                                                        
dreamt.i dreamt of wind temperate
and his pillow chest
my lower neck the picnic on the
hill of verdant grass thickets.
i dreamt of him brushing my face
with soil on his fingertips.
we are the earth.  the dew of the morning
is baptism. clean for at least a moment.
his legs around my waist. stopper on
the bottle of dandelion wine.
i dreamt i was running,
running down the trees.
my eyes were on him in river rocks.
my lower neck stiff in wrinkled sheets.
:thumb348779444: The One Who Tells The TruthSolid man
with a pencil grin
continues to stand
near me
shrieking wisdom
with his orchestra hands
moulds language
with his crumpling face
His teeth
tight as a corset
his tongue
a strung hammock
delivers invulnerable words
destined for air
Shadow, some fatal shadow
covers me so
and the tip of his appalling index finger
points to me with certainty;
tells me
“In some way, you're already dead”

A Dance of DeathI run outside to safety, dodging flying sparks of heat. The next explosion is louder, my ears rupturing. I think I'm going deaf; my voice seems faint when I'm screaming out my brother's name. I continue running until I'm on the other side of the street, looking for him through the burning wreck. I smell the smoke as it floats and dissipates into the dark sky.
  I'm certain that he will come out from the flickering red and yellow, unharmed. He is going to reach out and grip my hand to tell me that it's okay, and we're both still alive. I'm certain that I will hear his voice again. I wait until the final storey of my home falls down and all I feel is a cold, icy embrace.
  A yell rips out from my lungs as it hits me. The sudden realisation is overwhelming, making my eyes water uncontrollably. I can taste my tears of loss as they leak from my eyes. How had it come to this?
  My knees curl up to my body as I feel my pain surge through me. There's no one left in my life now, no one left to
lock and keyyou, ambiguous, startling blue—
your hatchet hands
manipulating the best in me,
causing those little tremors
that no other man could hope to taste,
dragging your tongue over my psyche
and marking it, as none have yet done
to my body— as, perhaps, none ever will—
I feel that, if I let myself,
I could love you,
feel that swift, transcendental danger
burying itself deep in my womb...
I curl in on myself
like a dying bud.

mansuetude and sentiment.parietal flowers of your (mouth, eyes, ears)
plication and pleating of the house plants lives
revel in it: swim in it.
litter your hands with it.
house plants, house cats, house shadows on the grass,
all so orthogonal and plain.
tales so phatic, maybe penitent but never dull.
maybe your
parasitism should be pushed to perdition
maybe the limbs of the house plants will
pave your terrene and turning gaze.
oh dear
votre sentiment est tardive et vil et pâle.
Confessing Your Love Is HardI never truly experienced love,
but I think crushing on someone comes pretty darn close
especially since I always thought about all those boys
constantly, day after day.
It goes on for months,
for years,
all up until the last day of school,
and no longer can I see any of them again.
I can't ask them for promises of keeping in touch,
because I never told them my feelings
and since they never told theirs to me,
I thought there was no point in confessing.
It means they don't love me enough, right?
If the guy doesn't confess to me first,
then there's no point in confessing at all, right?
But hello!
It's the 21st century! Girls often ask out boys nowadays!
honor is a cold cloakand i stood
in freezing barns
for hours
drinking in your
cavernous laugh,
'til the ice sank
into my spine
and your coal-dark
eyes were
the only warmth
winter's grasp.
outside, snow
gathered on
my lashes
and night fell
as the promise
of hot drinks
from your tongue,
and though my
young heart
to warm my hands
in yours
i only smiled and
said goodnight.
i knew
that if i followed you
where the wood
and the light danced
with shadows
on the walls
i would kiss you
and you would
let me.
i knew
she never deserved you.
but i also knew
that if i walked away
one day
i might.

:thumb332101821: Aloneat the expense
of those
who over
and over
their rose
I embrace
the few
who burn
their flowers
and scent
. Gluttony Gain .Sinking
Wrap your cold dead arms around me
'Cause I'm fallin' from these great heights
Into the coldest tundra's riverbank
Wash over my skin scrubbed raw
For I can feel you edging ever so closer
Ready to bend and break in these doors
Lapping rust covered tongue
Over the nails boarding me shut inside
No there will be no hope; just despair
Caress your stolen goods upon this flesh
Prized money to show the prized trophy
Head-mounted wall decoration soon-to-be
I'll knock on wood to abandon these thoughts
Stay claim that these words be not true
Heed these warning laced in sweet-teeth
Raise up; I can still see you towering for another shot
Aiming a vital blow to the mainframe of fortune
Be warned dear, it's sure to have disastrous results

drinking with charlesit's unusual -
i'm usually not fond of strong drinks
even though
tonight i'm with my two favorite guys;
'cause, it's that time of the month,
life -
time to be stupid and grieve over things
listening to the song we listened to
on the night we said good-bye:
love has just started for us
and shit
and god do i need a cigarette
though i never wanted to get addicted
(to cigarettes)
(to you)
and i swear i'll stop
i'll stop
i'll stop
but i know
daniel's may reach my liver and get away
but i can't just touch the angst
and flee -
it stays inside.
charles can pour another glass
and i can go to hell.
it's all over anyway.
once you fuck up,
it's difficult to get back again
even when
you repeat times after times that you're sorry
the thing you're sorry for
still remains.
Paradise.My arms ache from digging through
rough and ruin, in search of
I saw it in a whispered dream,
there, nothing hurt;
we were unspoken.
With winter came warmth and summer snow,
And nothing died, just ceased to
walk with me
in paradise.
MonarchWings erupt from their casing,
A transparent gold-rimmed shell.
Small, wet petals
blossom into fiery wings
that leave trails of ash across fingertips,
charcoal stains on outstretched hands.
They burn across the landscape,
flocking in fiery clouds over fields.
Their crepe paper wings carry them onward
like small kites drifting on the breeze.
Shedding cells and color
for 2,000 wind-beaten miles.

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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic

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