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December 21, 2012
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Year II - Issue XXVI
Friday Night Features is a weekly feature designed to showcase
a cross section of the most striking, entertaining and powerful
literature, photography and artwork on deviantART.
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homunculustendrils, tangled in shadow
coalesce out of the void
furtive, curious, fearful
exploring tentative forms
expanding, recoiling
congealing, morphing
proto-limbs shudder, emerge
shufflling, shambling out of pitch
acrid flowing gases, reeking
ammonia, cloves, bile
misting, condensing
green, gray, lambent
droplets on stone
brazier cold
ashes gray
sigils marking
unclean epithets
struggling appendage
paws the darkness
the umbilicus dissipates
smoke serpent fading
dim memory
reds and purples
dark fluids, amoebas
warm, womblike sea
throbbing, pulsing, confusion
stygian expanses
distant luminescence
ethereal, alluring, forbidding
summoning, searing ember
suction, falling
now something new
something unpleasant
painful, unwanted, unwelcome
in the middle parts
raw, dank claws
clutching at belly
burning, aching
hunger, awful hunger
black, lightless eyes
roving, searching, cunning
desperate, seeking
something, anything
to stop this hunger
Autumn's KissChilling whispers chase away summers sun,
Fingers caress, coax life to end.
A gentle kiss, from red stained lips, signal autumn has begun.
Night draws in, the day is done,
To darkness's will the world shall bend.
Chilling whispers chase away summers sun.
The golden harvests long have been spun,
Now fields lay barren, no more to append.
A gentle kiss, from red stained lips, signal autumn has begun.
Drained of colour, the world turns dun,
Off to the horizon all things do blend.
Chilling whispers chase away summers sun.
Enveloping warmth the new season does shun,
The promise of winter on her breath doth descend.
A gentle kiss, from red stained lips, signal autumn has begun.
While frost grips the morning, the battle is won,
To a new stage in the cycle all do transcend.
Chilling whispers chase away summers sun,
A gentle kiss, from red stained lips, signal autumn has begun.
Carving ConstellationsDoctors carve out constellations,
stitch star maps into my skin,
a web of scars, a path to take
to find myself again.

My scars are sewn of haunted stars,
constellations but half-drawn;
ghosts of star-fire whispering words
that fade out with the dawn.
They took my rib from me,
ground it up, reformed it,
turned it into Eve;
made a girl with my own name:
a girl they say is me.
My fragile face now hers,
our spirit splintered,
she stands for nothing
I once stood for.
Deep scars fade
before their meanings are deciphered;
yet more maps unfold

SatelliteThe city lights are dimming
As the fog begins to settle
And snowflakes safely melt
  on the glass
Into crystals and raindrops
That sparkle in the light
As I wait ... as I wait
For that clarity, sweet clarity
That the sky can find
  but I cannot
Yet even now the sky's a lie
Is that a star or satellite
Drifting without will
  Speeding yet sitting still
Where everyone expects it
  to be, I see
It's come so far, but you'd never know
Because ev'ry night it flies alone
Through the darkness
On a path that's not its own
It's only doing what it was told
  it was made to do
urban oceanThe wet roads are my urban ocean.
Some men see God in the break of foam--
I see God in the freeway.
I see God in the spray off the backs of eighteen-wheelers hauling consumer garbage to southern Maine
as I walk along the side with my boots soaked from puddles.
The sea reflects the sky and Route 2 reflects the sky
and the waves go shush, shush, and the cars go shush, shush
and the clouds roll over,
the clouds roll over.
The wet roads are my urban ocean.
revelationsit's raining stars,
each one, a soul—a story from another time, past.
in the emptiness of the field behind my home,
surrounded by the washed out dark,
I collect their memories, fleeting as snowflakes,
absorbing them into a consciousness I hope will bloom again,
from the seeds my limbs once stemmed from, long ago.
counting down the minutes,
seconds flutter by, melting into the ground
and burying themselves deep into the darkness of
forever, forgotten, and never was.
I stand baptized in the cold,
unable to tell time stopped,
only hearing the faint, angelic sounds of a child
wishing upon my twinkle, doused lifetimes ago.
Copyright © 2012 Jen Fowler
All rights reserved.

The ManWrapped up in the shell
Of himself, he stares
Out the broken window
Pain, observing all the
People as they walk on by.
Each and every one of them
Too afraid to give him much
More than a fleeting glimpse.
For he was an undersireable,
In mitigating circumstances out of
Reach of himself. And any who
Would dare to hear of his story.
A hellion, solicitor, Murderer.
Atheistic lover of the god in himself
Daring to go against the laws
Of tradition. Customs and societal sense.
With a broken body, with eyes
That are alive burning fervent
With a desire to live the life,
Which they've stolen from him
They; naysayers, pharisees,
Hyprocrites. Who'd rather shoot
The one that flew much too
High above the rest, and watch him fall
Sinking to the earth in despair
Than to have him above their heads.
Reminding them that he had more,
Of something they couldn't tell.
Just that he had more than them.
:thumb343411253: Seabound StarsShe negates nebulae, calling comets to dive
beneath breathless waves while she begins sectioning stardust
inside her rib's ravines; harpsichord hipbones
plucked for promises with faulty fingertips. Cyclones
rain rage at gaunt galaxies. She postpones
her haunting to tangle my tether, this is the hardest
leaking lungs have labored to allow her to thrive.
Salted fingertips pluck at his
seaweed hair, trying to mimic the
sound of the ocean at
sunrise. The boy with
sea-scape eyes, black and dark,
scared but cruel
stands inside the ocean's heart at sunset.
Unending folds of sky are stolen; by his sea-soaked hands
and he wrings its last breath. Her most beloved constellation
begins speaking with the flickering of heartbeats. He stops.
The last of your kind,
with the solar flare of hope.
I am a black hole.
She shields herself beneath his froth,
tamed fingers reach forward to grasp at light,
as if the sun had a body she could hold.
He places her cosmic hands
into the watery clust

:thumb343522786: TearsI didn't cry in empty rooms
With closed windows and no furniture,
For you.
I didn't cry during steaming hot showers
And lavender body wash,
For us.
I didn't cry under thick blankets
And coarse bed sheets and thin pillows because
I was sad.
I cried because I was scared, because I was tired,
Because I was sheltered too much
To be able to find my way on my own.
I cried because love wasn't easy
And life was even harder.
I cried because sometimes
What matters the most hurts the worse.
I cried until my eyes
Refused to produce more of that clear, salty liquid.
I cried because…
I loved you…
But you hurt me every time.
Little StarA pretty little star
just for you,
to shine the light
of this wondrous season.
Hang it up
where you can see,
this little star
will never leave.

:thumb339299372: December Night.The sounds of owl-calls haunt me;
At least they’re paired in their nightly hunt,
As one day--without pause, slips into the next.
Artificial lights provide a cold comfort
In these the longest of alone-nights.

A lasting impressionTime erases all imprints from memory;
Like footprints in the sand
Everyone leaves a gaping depression
Lasting only a short while before
The wind eventually covers it
Similar to how sand fills an hourglass.
Or waves wash them away
In a manner not unlike
Tears cleansing the eyes.
However, you are the only person I will never forget;
For you have left, not footprints in the sand but,
Footprints in my heart.
casual unrequittanceyou told me a story once
about coarse and
you crawled desperately and clung and clawed
at the grains but they wanted nothing to do with your dreams
and sent you home

waves that threw their lives off of
crests onto shores uneven
and unattached and
i'm not
and you take my hands other times and
put your desires flat in between my fingers
you knew i didn't know and
you knew i couldn't collect
any sort of familiarity between that
small space between my thumb and forefinger
because nothing lined us together and
casual hopeless things like ocean currents
keep going and going without
anything less than hope to go by
but it never chases fate away
because you
by my ankles
were fated to crash eternally.
i told a girli told a girl
how i scratched my eyes out in the past
so that they would be my friend
and she didn't believe me.
i told a girl once i had a scar on my skin
that is just one of many porcelain flecks
and she didn't believe me.
i told her that
i wished for my paranoia to be controlled
like my diet consisting of vomit and hate.
i told her that love is
making room in their chest
for someone's set of joys and pains.
i once told a friend that
"not all who wander are lost"
so she told me to go fuck myself.

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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic

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