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December 28, 2012
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Year II - Issue XXVII
Volume LXXIX
Friday Night Features is a weekly feature designed to showcase
a cross section of the most striking, entertaining and powerful
literature, photography and artwork on deviantART.
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ApsaraFind me sunken into the
lotus field, bathing skin silvergreen,
waist-deep and pink
in sunset, and we will cry:
for three-faced elephants,
for rain,
for the dancers threading grace
between their fingertips—
until I dress in the heaviness,
a sarong of heat.
7. The EscapistYou've been hiding behind heaven
Thinking someday you'll go there
And leave your mistakes behind
You've been hiding behind humans
Thinking someday you'll wake up
And you won't feel us anymore
I only fear myselfi.
For my birthday last year, I asked for rain:
no, for a storm, thick with thunder,
where every drop fell heavy and hard
weather which had blown in from the Pacific,
weather I could catch in my throat,
full to the brim and overflowing
to leave skin bruised,
bursting every berry on the boughs
tearing the blossoms and buds,
but the summer turned to drought
and I cooled my heels in the cellar instead.
This year the air is swaddling,
hot and humid, the sky a bolt of blue
hung with clouds, rich and royal,
and Christ's Mass dawns godless.
The night before had cusped on Winter's Solstice,
stretching long enough for a dream of you.
Somewhere, the midnight sun melted snow,
but I lurched from my sheets to sit beneath stars,
choking silent in the night,
sucking in breath in song
until long last I could sleep once more.
This year, there is a family with three young sons
tearing down the feijoa trees in the garden
my grandfather planted.
Across the fence, I hide sorrow,
keeping close thos
rusti. The colours of my past
are bleeding
through my skin
Staining everything
I touch
ii. You knew from the start
I am a fight
you can't win
A neglected heart
will rust
BareYou have seen me bare, naked, hiding nothing.
Ran your gentle hands down my cowardly spine,
Lending some strength where there was none.
Kissed silent lips and made them speak.
Given my lifeless heart a beat by your warmth
And kindled a love that will burn forever.
You are the Piper that my legs follow.
The lifeline I reach for like I'm drowning.
Your breath fills my lungs and allows me to breathe.
FrecklesIt’s one of those nights. It seems like almost everything is worth talking about. Either that or we just can’t find a place to stop, which isn’t what either of us wants, anyway.
       We’re lying on the couch sometime in the night (if you asked the hour I could not tell) and all I can really do is enjoy his existence. I never really have to savor it because he’s always there. Not physically always, but always nonetheless. And he’s such a happy soul. It’s my favorite thing about him.
       And suddenly, inspiration rises up inside me. The best idea I’ve had since falling in love.
       Alright, I can’t take that fault. Could anyone? Would anyone? I sure as hell know I would. Why wouldn’t I? He’s so beautiful.
       But anyways, my inspiration.
       “I have an idea,” I say. “Stay still.”
       “What? Okay.” He laughs and lets me sit on him.
       I reach over to a table be
SingTo feel the humming
of vocal chords, soft,
building to a peak;
a release of life.
It rings through the ears,
a chorus of bells
and pure emotion
tuned through the body;
rising in the heart
like an ocean storm.
Is there anything
as freeing as this?
The world holds a song
that will complete me,
filling the hollow
part within my soul
left from the searching.
How I long to find
this elusive piece
that fits the puzzle
of my lost being.
When will my solo
become my duet?
ThrownBones heaped
like uncaught bonfires.
Crash lander, skyborn,
splintered like frostbitten stones,
like trees fallen deep
from the snow line.
Eulogy of a man that was,
and the name of his lover written
in femurs, vertebrae and ribs,
waiting for the thaw,
the salmon and the sea.
All memories carried by wolves
to their starving cubs.
Open skull for the rainfall
and the birds.
The landscape of skin
imprinted on the ground.
A fading map
with footstep borders
disappearing fast
in the tide of time.

Not Up for ThatI wanna be a Misses
Not a mistress
I don't wanna be a secret
you gotta keep it
rollin' around town
with our heads down
I have too much dignity
self respect and self esteem
I gotta see some action
 some satisfaction
If you want to be with me
you better first leave
Cause I can sure see
The way you treat her is the way you'll treat me
and I am not that girl
that you don't have time for
I'm better than that
Don't have time for crap
I'm on a mission
Not hittin and quitin
A real reaction
a search for passion
Drivin around town with my chin up
got a full cup
Not looking in the mirror
vision's never been clearer
and I don't need you
to feel true
Hard CastIts blissful tick-ing of the heart,
Jolted from pretence,
Feathers prove a harsher part,
Of un-tame wrought suspense.
And newly caged its beats are locked,
Controlled and captured, cast,
Tussles bring unsteady –tocks,
When seconds bring the past.

soft sheets.i feel your chest,
its deep breaths on my back:
the shiny tack
of this noisy homes back.
in this
only a few degrees, rainy and
grainy and blue
how can there be better things ahead
outside of this bed
and ravenous gloom
in this noisy home
where we're free to roam
as the church bells groan
and rain
where we chew our food.
almost half subdued,
where our years are rightly gained.
murmurMaybe it was the fear of interlocking joints
and knowing that you fit me enough
so I wouldn't let go.
I spent days combing my thoughts through your hair
and comforting your sighs
wishing half of them could be about me.
I carved the what-ifs into the skin of my palms
when you would look at me across the room,
each step between us, heavy with possibilities.
One day I opened my lips
and you almost let me kiss you,
but the words that followed after stole the very breath
I saved for you.
"I love...her" and you released my hand
and my heart and every other piece of me
I thought was good enough to give to you.
These days we sit back-to-back on the way home
and I can't stand you or how your curls look
trapped between her fingers.
Then just before I leave, you'd give me that glance
that I wish would have meant

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