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September 21, 2012
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Year II - Issue XIII
Volume LXV
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Friday Night Features is a weekly feature designed to showcase
a cross section of the most striking, entertaining and powerful
literature, photography and artwork on deviantART.
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TwinMy twin is usually luminescent
elegantly translucent
and filled with glowing substances
from infrared to ultraviolet
but today the colors look washed
the glow is almost impercetible
even in the dark before the sunrise
and it refuses to wear the clothes I give it
instead putting on an old faded uniform
"Private First Class Spencer", it says on the tag
I do not know who PFC Spencer is
but my twin looks adamant and refuses to budge
so I give in to the faint glow
step back
and watch it do the motions
through a two-way mirror, with a chipped lower left corner
located in a hallway
with the commuters hurrying past
and the scent of the hospital lingering in the air
and, when it has performed its duty
it simply stops there
like a showroom dummy
and the people that hurry past
pay no attention
retreating to the library
I listen to the sound of my steps
hide behind the bookshelves
and between the pages of the obscure tomes, rarely opened
become writing
turn into characters
obscure script on an old
Sun Lit StarsSpiders of guilt
Swarm across my heart;
While this lustful dog
In my head barks
Well into the night.
And while the sun-lit
Lamps hum in my eyes
I can never sleep.  While
This sinking
Weight attached to
My lungs keep
Me on my back,
Never to see her face
These lights, this dog,
And that incessant
Crawling sound coming
From nowhere are
Keeping me awake.

The guy who never makes an effortDid you know...
I wrote a poem about you
Before everything happened
Before it all of the sudden became complicated
I wrote a poem about you
You were that guy who always made me smile
Now you're the guy
I can't get off my mind
You claim you never make any efforts
But did you not follow me when I asked you to?
Did you not carry my items?
Did you not memorize the songs I like?
Did you not laugh at my jokes?
I don't really care if you meant it or not
But you did make efforts
And then you made an effort to lie about it
But did you know...
For me I always just happened to be around you
I just happened to carry your item
And I just happen to like "your" song
And I think you're funny
But as long as you lie
You won't give me a chance to tell you this
:thumb328153989: EphemeralFor a moment each leaf is a phoenix,
Flaring vivid
They catch the world ablaze;
A sunset wash
Over a muted autumn sky.
Lustrous baubles,
They shatter like glass underfoot;
Crackle, crunch.
A rotting red carpet
Winds beneath us,
Through bare branches and air which tastes of ash.

alexzanderwords are shadows. our
sooty followers, b(l)ack
willing captives:
we ache for abuse
chest deep in lava & she wades
deeper in hopes
her name will fly
frantic from your lips
enslaved to your inattention
words are wounds, clumsy
self-scars &
you are the penknife in my right hand
Breathe - Draft OneNails, worried at by impatient teeth.
A styrofoam cup picked skeletal.
Eyes droop and snap, head up, alert again.
I try not to sleep, not to breathe, not to be;
Old wives tales, offer advice and help.
Old men run checkups; diagnosis medical.
Your head in my lap, fingers circle again.
You try to sleep, I try to breathe, to be
happy - now that you're safe and almost home.
Skin pinching at eyes to tempt them to close
but I couldn't sleep if I wanted to, and I don't.
I can't sleep, I can't breathe without you.
So I pray hard to the Gods of caffeine,
I try to steal the pain from your mattress.
Try to chase it out of the room,
I lie sad, un-asleep and I wait for you.
So I stay and play the part of the morphine,
Seep into your veins and offer relief -
Your hand seeks mine out and we cling to it
The relief and the hope that so soon
You'll open your eyes - and I'll breathe.
Lady of the FliesThere's a place inside my head,
a house of lapsing time.
I visit on occasion,
I crawl in through the grime.
A grave for broken thoughts,
unwelcome memories echo through the air.
Floating from my skull,
but it seems I've forgotten how to care.
I rip my teeth out one by one,
while severing all emotional ties.
It's all the same to me.
I open this carved out body to the flies.
There's a 3 inch tall girl inside me,
her name is peace of mind.
Everyday I call to her,
but shes become quite hard to find.

:thumb327521425::thumb323247187: Mermaidwe reach up and feel the girl through our fingers,
a glitter dream of velvet and organza -
colors dance across her face in a wave of tears -
a blue mask, dripping jewels -
she breathes in our bright sweat and bruises,
taking us to worlds in her dreams -
fantastic whirls swim in her streams
and fly her through the water

HappinessA sweet scent
A soft touch on your lips
The taste fills your mouth
Endorphins run through your system
You close your eyes
Indulge yourself to the overwhelming taste
The taste
of chocolate
a whole other animalyou can steal a kiss
from painted lion's
but commitment is
another thing
Shape Shifter.Twist my figure into the form of your mother as I hold you close to me,
It's not hard, use your beautiful imagination to weave what you want to see.
Let my words take on the sound of your father as I tell you how proud I am,
Proud to have a boy so kind and smart; not just be a scowling hologram.
As for your friends, let me shape-shift into the best friend you never had,
I'll run that anger off your face, let you win every game when you're sad.
I won't let the scum they say taint you, I'll remind you of your inner good,
Not just be there for the laughs, but the tears too like a real friend should.
As for your desires, I'll set your heart on fire with the passion that I spout,
A poem of haunting touches; light, soft kisses that finally found a hideout.
Treasure your body like a temple and your heart like the most pure gold,
I'll keep that sunrise smile fresh, keep your innocent soul from growing old.
I'll be everybody that was never there for you, be everything you could need,
I'll be by

de HelenaInadvertently,
I whispered a curse
and I
became like Helen of Troy.
Amongst ardor
and delving into the alchemy
of illusion versus your
Without the beauty,
without the drooping eyelashes.
Some kind of passion or
inability to solidify.
But Troy was a mere city
nestled between my heart-walls
and I secretly wished:
let her burn once and for all.
And she burned
all night –
a glimmering
art spectacle.
a beautiful resurrection.
Finally –
reciprocated value.
A marble urn for the ashes.
And I walked barefoot
through the dark garden
of discord and deliverance.
Alone Again catch me if you can
she corseted through the dismissing prejudice,
strumming the legs of the pale giraffe trees
with her bare hands.
thick petticoats filling her mind's eye.
and the purple orchids rose to clench
her knees.
they panicked, crimson stains
plopping into the cushion of her
pale wheat irises.
she rose with the earth,
sorrow grasping her luminescent
slowly, as if in a pre-pubescent phase,
she clutched the cluttered webs of spiders,
tearing and scraping until
her nails were bloody with tragedy.
bloody and bloodier.
she knew that when the sun set,
the sphere in her mind would

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FNF Stamp by dreamsinstatic

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